Seven Days Fat Commute

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This is the way to move around an urban setting and be conscious of your environment.  Never let traffic or parking stand in your way. Jump on the Seven Days and get where you need to go in safety and with a smile on your face. From dirt roads to pavement, potholes to cobblestones, train tracks and drainage grates are no problem. Take this bike in and out of the city for amazing adventures. The big tires and 200mm rotors give the ultimate level of comfort and confidence when on the move. It's like an SUV on 2 wheels. The Seven Days is Fantic's solution for the ultimate city bike, putting safety as priority number one, seven days a week.

With the battery upgrade from 417Wh to 630Wh you can reach distances of up to 110 miles in cruise mode.  Battery charge time is 3.5 hours to 100% and it reaches 80% in just 2.5 hours.  All Fantic bikes are equipped with the Brose motor and battery made in Germany with an industry leading 3 year warranty.